New Youtube Video Channel!

For better or worse it’s out there now. For those of you who’ve chatted with me or seen my previous blogs you know that’s a big deal. Taking a lot of chances there but I’m getting that push to become more transparent. Especially while I do personal study, take part in Priestess training and grow into my full potential. 

I’ll be posting my personal tarot reading and rune castings, my personal book hauls and studies, course experiences and recommendations, things about my lifestyle,  fun facts about me and my personal craft, and the things that come up that I feel might be beneficial to someone. I’ll also be doing some collab work with Magickal Mavens, taking a course on with The Sea Priestess as well as a Hekate specific course with Keeping Her Keys just to name a few things in the works. 

Without further ramblings check out one of my latest youtube videos  of a personal Tarot Reading. Keep an eye out for my new Instagram Live sessions, find some articles on Crystal Dragoness Facebook and get more updates on My Twitter.


Thanks for reading…now you get to SEE the ramblings as they begin. 

Another Magick Class Undertaking: Psychic Development

Oops…I added another class. Through a wonder series of links and pages from surprisingly Cyndi’s group The Witches Realm I found The Sea Priestess page which led me to her Website her Sea Priestess Group and coming across her course offerings. SOme of them are free and I found the Psychic Development E-Course and was intrigued. Looks Like she put a lot of effort into this website and building great courses filled with lots of fulfilling lessons. Signed up for the course today so I’ll let you know on my progress with both classes. 


Intrigued? Check out the course and take it with me. I have set time for studying and available to be study buddies. Study Circles are definitely beneficial when learning magicks that involve practicing and exercises. Well in general to be honest. Yet especially when you are a solitary practitioner so you can share experience and find your way to work with others and learn from their shared knowledge. Most magick lies in the experience so the more genuine experience you can learn from the better. 

Free Psychic Development E-Course with Katie McBrien


“Broaden your minds! Use your inner eye to see the future!”

– Hermione mocking Professor Trelawney

That’s not as vague as it sounds if you have any experiences with psychic abilities. One of the sections of the course talks about growing your “clairs”. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. The urge to jump right to that section if possible is strong. I know it’s important to learn the ground work first. I will be processing and practicing each exercise. I’ll bring back some pieces of my journaling as I have already begun doing. 

Told you I was serious about the extra studying. My dedication and commitment that I talked about in the previous post My First Step with Hekate is growing. I’m sharing it with you too!


Magick Course Recommendation and Learning from “Keeping Her Keys”

I’ve grown internally and my knowledge expanding of Hekate gleefully so. One of my biggest contributions to my craft lately has been the blog Keeping Her Keys & participating in Cyndi’s group The Witches Realm

So many men and women opened themselves up in the darkest parts and pushed towards healing in her Shadow Work Course Last month. Was held from June 16- June 29 on facebook and incorporated other platforms like drop box, youtube, and her blog for study aids. It was a bit tortuous at parts but so worth it. Truly wondrous at others. In delving into those parts of myself I learned new things. Found more strengths as well as weaknesses and developed additional internal tools to keep myself balanced. I am a Libra after all.  Always maintaining the balance. 

I don’t want to give too much away. The course was fantastic. I’m still using things I’ve learned and continuing some things I’ve adopted into my craft. Also wound up creating my own very specific ritual for shadow work during this time. I might post it at a later date. For now I’ll tell you about a few things that were included in the course. There was quite a bit. I’m so thankful for the experience and her guiding us through something that was genuinely beneficial.

Cyndi posted a series of videos to help guide us through different steps of the Shadow Work. Keep in mind that Shadow work isn’t anything to do with things outside of yourself usually. In this class it was all about the shadow part of yourself that we tend to hide away. She even told us about her own journey and made herself a little vulnerable. Through that being able to develop a new strength in those moments. Showing pieces her own work while guiding us. Learned about herbs and stones to aid us along the way. We also learned a new, very Hekate specific, Tarot Spread. We found our true self cards and our shadow self cards and looked into the advice from Hekate and the different areas of our life so we could recognize them and learn to work through them.

We recognized a time of Magickal group strength and she performed a live ritual in her sacred grotto. Such a beautiful area to do the ritual with us all. She even included those who added our names to the list into the ritual. My little spiritual companion Sprout too! She shared information about this ritual with us all before hand so we could join with her or do it at our own pace. Lovely most all the content is at your own pace. You can take a closer look at what that entailed here:   She also sent out a workbook and meditations to us all to go through as we did the group participation. Each meditation held a different purpose and we found new parts of ourselves and I personally found a new happy place. We worked through trauma and learned new ways through witchcraft to truly better ourselves.

One of the things I’ve been working with this time around was “coming out of the broom closet” and being more transparent in my spiritual journey. As well as working through a past traumatic experience that parts of myself still held onto. I made progress in transforming that trauma and giving myself the permission I didn’t know I needed in letting go of the particular person and the attachment to memories of a person that passed away in my arms in a gory kind of way. I carried so much emotionalturmoil that I bottled up from that experience. With it held deep guilt, PTSD, and a new kind of anxiety. I’ve found more ground and the ability to move even further past that than I already thought I had as well as finding pieces of myself that had been lost in the mix. 

With the intense work through trauma and healing ourselves after trauma I feel we really have worked through parts of our shadows. The authenticity I felt from everyone involved and the lady of “Keeping Her Keys” herself was insanely heart warming. Looking forward to continue that healing and gaining even more steadfast confidence in my path and the workings I do. Most of all in knowing myself and connecting with my Matron Goddess Hekate. Really can’t thank her enough for giving us all the opportunity and guidance to facing those things we tend to hide and coming out the other side more whole and with more understanding.

There were some other rituals included but again not going to give it all away. I definitely recommend taking one of her courses if you can. This month I’m going deeper into Hekate Witchcraft in her course. “Brief Intro to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft” This goes until August 10th. It covers the basics of Hekatean Witchcraft, being a Hekate devotee, specific divination and similar things you’ll have to find out for yourself. So after the course, if you haven’t joined me, you’ll see my thoughts on the course.


Visit her site for more information on courses 

Keeping Her Keys Website

Keeping Her Keys on Facebook



Rune Reading Reversals

When reading reversals some choose not to and some do. If I’m pulling directly from my Rune bag I follow my instinct before reading into the rune to place it as it is or to turn it. Most of the time it is how I pulled it out. However not all of the rune’s spirit messaged are to be read in reverse. I believe the basic meaning can be read in reverse if that’s how you connect to them and incorporate into your style of casting. However I believe the magickal applications for that rune, the majority of the time, are not in reverse. They are not meant to be the opposite. Makes sense to me since energy is not just back and forth in such a way so magickal applications are more fluid despite the position of the symbol.

A personal example would be a rune I pulled for my past today. Feoh.


A reversed Feoh/Fehu for my past is very accurate. Feoh/Fehu is wealth and money. There are other basic meanings but for me this was definitely money in the household. I was pulled out of work for several weeks and missed a whole paycheck. I’m still suffering the consequences of those events but I’m back at work and the flow of wealth is back. Now the magickal application of Fehu was not reversed meaning during that time. That being advance projects, the sending of energy of other runes, temporary changes. So obviously the standstill of money was temporary. I also had begun new projects and advanced in other ones. I was invited to a course by someone I had reached out to as a teacher, I joined 2 book clubs and started one of my own, and I also rededicated myself to the path during this time. On top of all that I advanced in devoting myself to Hekate. So while money was at a standstill during that period the magickal energies and applications of this Rune Spirit were still working around me. 

This was a new confirmation for me since beginning deeper relationship with my runes. Advanced learning and projects indeed. Goddess Sent and knowledge gained! So to sum up another rambling. The basic meanings in my Rune castings have reversal readings but the magickal application of the rune spirits do not.



Laguz & Scandinavian Nursery Rhymes Involving Norse Gods

“Jack and Jill went up the hill,

to fetch a pail of water.

Jack Fell down and broke his crown,

and Jill came tumbling after.”

This is the nursery Rhyme as I learned, oh so long ago. I found out today that it actually comes from Norse mythology. Scandinavian folklore and is still such a prominent Icelandic Nursery Rhyme that it has spread worldwide. I’m a 90’s kid and we were still using that in playground games. How did I not know this?

Laguz Rune’s Deity Association: Mani, Hjuki & Bil

I drew my Rune for today and it was Laguz. Which is very much connected to all things moon. Heightened sensitivity, dreams, unconscious collective, psychic abilities, interpreting dreams as well as fascinations like illusion and glamouries. The Deity association for this Rune is Mani, Bil & Hjuki. I’d never really looked into all of the Norse tales. I’m ashamed to say it. I had no idea who Hjuki and Bil were. Since it’s part of my ancestry I’m definitely adding more Norse into my curricula now. Great snap on the head. Haha! 

So who are Mani, Bil & Hjuki? Mani is the “man in the moon”, he drives the moon across the sky followed by Hati, a wolf who makes sure he stays on course. His sister is Sol, the sun. He can assist in fortune telling and time. I’m just glossing over a lot here to get back to tie into the “tumbling down” part…Mani also controls time as he controls the moon and likes to look over humankind and help us. When doing so he found Hjuki and Bil, brother and sister. They had a cruel father and Mani chose to steal them away. They’ve been with him since and it is under debate whether the children are the craters or represent the phases of the moon or both. Most say they represent waxing and waning phases of the moon. 


The Jack & Jill nursery rhyme is actually made from Hjuki and Bil. The craters on the moon tie into this and you can see a shape from the shadow of the craters that looks like two figures carrying a pail of water. As seen below. My opinion is based off of how the craters move in some of the examples I studied today that they do indeed represent both. As the moon moves through its phases one of the crater shapes hits their head AKA crown as it turns and begins the next phase into darkness. So they also represent the phases of the moon since they were able to track the phases based on the craters that were seen. at certain times.

jack and jill craters.

Just one example. There are actually quite a few different variations. So I urge you to take a look yourself. This was just such a pleasant shock to me that I had to share. Funny how even how something silly like a playground rhyme can have such great meaning and tie into ancient tales that tracked the phases of the moon and time.

Out of the Broom Closet, Into a New Level of Power

I’ve been studying off & on for about 15 years. Due to my religious family’s judgments and general society being still very anti anything to do with the unseen, I remained in that broom closet. Upon ascending and growing with this new wave of awakening I decided to open up about everything. Not being confrontational, just opening up the doors inside myself that I tried to weld shut and beginning to reach out to others on a similar spiritual journey. Also looking for mentors in different areas. My dedication for me was pushed into not only brushing up on all the things I read 15 years ago but also adding a new depth level of study in my books and my other gifts.

I’ve fought against my spiritual gifts for so long because it didn’t fit into society. Even though I’ve been in that closet for 15 years and studying I’ve decided to step out of my own veil and share all I am.

Which is scary, let me tell you, my gifts can be so overwhelming that I’ve prevented myself from being around people and yet I can still feel them. It’s hard to explain to people who doesn’t know much about psychic abilities. So I’m not going to try. When I decided to accept my gifts and work with them, I also made a promise to my Matron Goddess Hekate about using my gifts. This means opening up doors inside myself I tried to shut due to inconvenience, or “feeling crazy”. Now I’m working on developing them and new ways to shield. Now I realize why my gifts were such an inconvenience to someone in the broom closet, we just aren’t meant to be in there. Haha! They will just keep pounding on the door and leak around the edges, so to speak. Developing them, accepting them into your whole being removes blockages in chakras and is letting my higher self out like I haven’t seen the sun in a long time. Never knew how much light I was holding back because I was told it was bad. Still feeling the waves coming from that center of me where I stored all of this away. Still expanding, still growing, still reaching out thankful for freedom.


Now I realize why I’ve had so many issues in some arenas. I haven’t been on the path that I’m suppose to be on. Now that I’ve opened up, I can feel more of the energy trying to flow around, and through me. That includes where they’ve been trying to lead me in channels I’ve been blocking. I was totally missing my callings. Now just have to sort through them all since I’ve held on and built them up so long. One I can feel strongest is to use my gifts to help people, another is to heal. Still unsure how my premonitions will help people. Haha! “Hello, I just had deja vu about us drinking tea together. Though I have no idea of the end result I know you’re at a crossroads and it involves us both.” um….ok. How does that really help? Still figuring that one out. There’s also these, not so new just new to this level, of guidance that I’m beginning to hear. Though I am familiar with these thoughts and images since they made me feel crazy I’m learning I need to channel them.

The scary part is I’m getting advice all over Tarot and Runes to go with the new work and unfortunately I’m not able to quit my job. Though I am making a serious effort to dedicate time to do studies in books and with using tarot and runes. As well as trying to learn from others who are using similar gifts, connecting with like minded people, and of course my daily personal devotionals and workings. Which have expanded into 4 areas of my house now. Haha! Soon it will be my whole sacred space or I may move where I’m able to be a little freer to make my whole building my sanctuary. I’m feeling a pull towards having that whole space since I live in an apartment. I have to work constantly not to “tap into” anyone and to shield my immediate area. A lot of warding and psychic shielding constantly is putting a drain on my energies that need to work elsewhere.

So it seems my whole life is reaching a new transition but also a new level of power. I never realized that merely not sharing my spiritual side and connecting with other like minded people could dampen my own inner work. Yet it has. Opening up and even writing in this blog that is mainly just for me to ramble about these things has created an opening for channels I never knew I needed. I’m reaching new wavelengths in and around me and I can feel how the potential is growing. Makes me excited in a whole new way to think of what I can be doing and who I will become at my peak. Bare with me…I’m evolving. One of the things I personally needed to do on my journey was bring transparency into the parts of me I kept hidden away for so long. So to anyone who stumbles onto my ramblings, my public spiritual journal is a collective of raw thinking processes and a collective of information. Not meant to be under any sort of rules or certain way. Enjoy it for what it is. Feel free to share your relative ramblings too! 





Guided Meditation: Meeting Hekate at the crossroads

E. Massey


Over the last few months my work with Hekate has gone from the occasional to being a devotee within the Covenant of Hekate. In the past, she had only come when I was about to face a major change in my life. The work was usually minimal, lighting a candle in her honor or some act of thanks for being by my side during the transition. However, things had become a little more intense during the last life changing event, I had begun to see and feel her presence all around me. At the time, I did not understand what it all meant, but I knew that if she was making herself known that strongly it had to be something big. And it was. I had left my job after years, a choice I was on the verge of doing anyhow, but not under the circumstances that it had happened…

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Hekate: Our Lady of Liberty and The Detained Children

E. Massey


The inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty reads “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

These lines come from a poem called “The New Colossus”, which was written by Emma Lazarus in 1883 as a donation to help raise money for the base of the statue. The entire sonnet that was written reads as:

“Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
MOTHER OF EXILES. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled…

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